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Corporate brochure

Customer Service

Intasoft’s outstanding customer service includes:

  • Expert technical support from Intasoft’s own developers and configuration management consultants
  • Comprehensive service contracts
  • Licensing options
  • Interactive web site
  • User Group conference, newsletters, networking
  • On-line help and user manuals
  • On and off-site training
  • Consultancy services

Technical Support:

Intasoft has both the expertise and commitment to provide an unrivalled level of technical support. It has been described as “the best we’ve ever experienced” by their customers.

The technical support specialists endeavor to respond to all enquiries and issues within 1 hour. Their response is in-depth and tailored to the specific working environment of their customers – this can only be achieved from true experts. Moreover, the service is free at point of delivery.


Intasoft’s consultants will advise on all aspects of change and configuration management, generically. Their informed, objective advice has helped many organizations introduce and sustain change management successfully.

They are change and configuration management experts with working, practical industry application knowledge. Consultancy services are tailor-made to individual, specific needs.


Intasoft run on and off-site training courses in all aspects of change and configuration management. They cater for everyone involved in the process of change management, from absolute beginners through to very experienced developers.

Again, they can be tailor-made for individual requirements – to incorporate specific processes and procedures.

Use our products:

Developed in partnership with our clients, we specialize in the configuration management support tools that you need. Bring reassurance and confidence to your organization by using an application that will grow and change as your business changes.



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