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The Business Benefits

Change is what drives organizations forward, but without some control it can become chaotic.

Change should be a corporate resource with everyone throughout the organization being able to contribute easily and positively to the change process. If the process isn’t manageable, it will be a roadblock to that organization being able to compete effectively in its marketplace.

Intasoft’s pioneering change and configuration management tools enable change to be managed and implemented efficiently within a controlled environment. The important business benefits which result help to give organizations a competitive advantage, including:

  • All stakeholders can contribute to the change process
  • A true globalization capability
  • Effective information management
  • The ability to adapt and respond speedily to changing market conditions
  • Quality accreditations, such as ISO9001:2000, Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Maximization and deployment of resources
  • Cost savings as a result of greater capability and efficiency

The ability to successfully manage change is crucial to all business and industry types. Intasoft’s customers span such sectors as:

  • Telecommunications including BT Northern Ireland, Grameenphone Ltd
  • Higher Education including Open University, University College London, University College Dublin
  • Finance including Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Engage Mutual Assurance, Lloyds TSB Wealth Management, Provident Financial Management Services
  • Science & Engineering including British Nuclear Group, Systems Engineering and Assessment, Zytek Systems
  • Defence including Augusta Westland, Cubic Defense Applications, Defence Procurement Agency for the MOD, Raytheon Systems, Australian Defence Organisation
  • Aerospace including Martin-Baker Aircraft, NAV Canada, Northern Airborne Technologies, Penny & Giles Aerospace, Raytheon Systems
  • IT including Computer Sciences Corporation, Fujitsu Services, Logica CMG, Unysis

Intasoft’s premier product, AllChange, is also used internationally in training courses by IT training specialists, Learning Tree International –

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