Corporate brochure – The company, pioneering change

Corporate brochure

The Company

Intasoft was established in 1986, by two developers, who needed a solution for the support and management of their own development work. The configuration management tool they created – SMS – was the first, sensibly priced GUI/PC based Version Control system, to incorporate all development and change management tools in a single integrated system. Further refinement led to the launch of Intasoft’s premier product AllChange – as strong, effective software configuration management proved increasingly to be a vital factor in business success.

Pioneering change management

A solution that was then almost ‘ahead of its time’ is now a fundamental requirement for business and industry of all sizes. Change is what drives organizations forward and managing that change process requires that configuration management techniques are equally applicable to the development, maintenance and support of hardware, documentation, information systems, commercial software products and embedded applications.

Intasoft has been at the forefront of pioneering change and configuration management across a diverse range of industry sectors. The products have undergone continuous development to cope with the increasing demands of modern business and the relentless pace of change.

Intasoft’s configuration management products and services embrace 4 key concepts:

  • To provide integrated solutions for all aspects of change and configuration management
  • To provide flexible solutions that complement current working practices
  • To provide quality CM solutions, cost-effectively
  • To provide customers with the highest quality consultancy, training and support services


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