We have specialised in Change and Configuration Management since 1986 and our consultants have been responsible for its implementation across a wide range of industry types and organizational sizes.

Whatever your needs might be, however complex your requirements are, we have the experience and knowledge to help you. From deciding how change and configuration management can help you, to implementation of the complete solution.

Our rates are tailored to the job you require of us and our objectives are to get your change and configuration management system up and running with the minimum of disruption to your business, but with the maximum benefit.

We believe in transferring our skills to your staff and getting the job done as quickly as possible. This means you get the help you need without remaining dependant on us for further consultancy every time you want to make a change to your system.


Our reputation is based on the integrity and skills of our people. We can provide you with independent change and configuration management advice including help with:

  • Project Scoping
  • Requirements Definition
  • Process Determination
  • Tool Evaluation
  • Project Planning
  • Post Implementation Reviews

As a configuration management specialist our software tools grew from our consultancy business but if they are not appropriate for you we will quickly tell you and advise you what is. After all, there is no point in leading you astray. It would only lead to an unhappy relationship and that would be of no use to anyone.

Alternatively, we can put you in touch with professional independent configuration management consultancies.

You can trust us to help you! Just ask our customers.

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