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Intasoft IntaChange

RATING: 4 star
ISSUE: 196
DATE: June 2004

IntaChange is designed to allow a team of people to work together to manage tasks. Its novelty lies in its use of a completely web-oriented approach. IntaChange is based on ASP .NET and installs to any Windows operating system that can run Internet Information Server (IIS) 5. It builds a website that can be accessed locally, over an intranet or over the web. The system is naturally multi-user and security is controlled by passwords.

You also need a suitable database, preferably SQL Server. If SQL Server isn’t installed, IntaChange automatically installs a copy of Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine, a free copy of SQL Server with limitations on the number of users and simultaneous transactions. The benefits of using IntaChange increase with the number of people using it, so a full installation of SQL Server is essential for anything more than trying things out.

Using IntaChange is remarkably easy and its running in a web browser makes it even simpler. You install nothing on the client machines but .NET technology means the user interface is as rich and responsive as an installed application. There are three types of project: Simple, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Standard. Each type has its own class and life cycle template.

The basic unit of management is an IntaChange Management Document (ICMD) and IntaChange acts as a database for ICMDs. In addition, it creates a life cycle for ICMDs. In a simple project an ICMD can be raised, then Accepted, Rejected or Deferred. If it’s Accepted it moves on to be InAction, Reviewed, possibly Reworked and finally Approved and closed.

In an ITIL project the ICMD is referred to as a Request For Change (RFC) and the life cycle includes stages such as Passed, Implemented, Test and so on. In a Standard project ICMDs can represent software change or document change requests and the life cycle includes stages such as Impact Analysis, Test, Pass, Fail and Release.

IntaChange can produce reports and notify staff by email and it can be heavily customised. Decisions can be reached by voting, and data can be grouped using envelopes.

IntaChange will be useful in any situation where records of tasks, proposals or problems need to be managed through various fixed stages that involve a range of people. It’s a well-designed and well-implemented database workflow product.

Mike James
Computer Shopper

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