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Thank you for choosing to download our IntaChange Change Management software.

Please read these Important Notes:

Trial activation code

The software comes with an automatic 30 day evaluation license which, once you have downloaded and installed, will automatically activate. Please phone +44 (0)1392 447780 or email if you wish to obtain an extension to this 30 day period and ask for a new Serial number and license code.
Once you have downloaded and unzipped the software you will need to run the setup program. After this has completed successfully, enter http://localhost/IntaChange into Internet Explorer and you will be presented with the log on page. At the top is a link to the System Administration page which you will need to access to create your database.
If you have any questions please phone +44 (0)1392 447780 or email
If/when you have purchased the product you will receive a permanent Serial Number and License Code.  You should then go to the System Administration Page and paste these in over any temporary codes.

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

IntaChange must run on a “web server” running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). This is not a download, it is supplied with your installed version of Windows, on the Windows CD. You must ensure this is installed and working prior to installing IntaChange. It may already be on the PC, or it can be installed from Control Panel, Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs), Turn Windows features on or off (or Add/Remove Windows Components).

IIS - Possible Installation Issue (click to view)

The installation document, IntaChange Installation.pdf, is at the top-level of the unzipped folder. In additon to the instructions in there explaining that IIS must be installed, we have encountered the following issue in some installations.
On some systems where IIS (Internet Information Services) version 7 onward is installed, the IIS 6 Management Compatibility Tools are not installed. These are required for the Microsoft-generated web application installer used. It is strongly recommended that this be installed BEFORE proceeding with this installation, as failure to do so may cause “The specified path is unavailable” errors. Proceed as follows:
  1. Control Panel, Programs and Features.
  2. Click Turn Windows features on or offin the lefthand pane.
    1. 2003/2008 Server: A Server Managerwindow appears.
      1. Select Roles, Web Server (IIS) in the lefthand pane.
      2. Click Add Role Services in the righthand pane (scroll down)
      3. Expand Management Tools.
    2. Vista/Windows 7: A Windows Featureswindow appears.
      1. Expand Internet Information Services.
      2. Expand Web Management Tools.
  3. Check the item IIS 6 Management Compatibility. (Or at minimum the item IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility within that.)
  4. Proceed to install (may take a while, may require reboot).

The IIS 6 Management Compatibility is only actually required for the installation. You could remove this feature afterward, though it does no harm to leave it installed (it does not turn your IIS 7 into IIS 6, rather merely allows it to respond to IIS 6 management calls).

Download IntaChange 3.1.1 Full

Full version of IntaChange, including required supporting products which are:
  • .NET Framework 1.1 — required (minimum) version of .NET.
  • MSDE — free-to-use limited-user version of SQL Server 2000.
  • SQL Express — free-to-use limited-user version of SQL Server 2005.
  • Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) — supporting component for SQL data access.
  • Acrobat Reader — for reading PDF documents.
If you already have .NET 1.1 onward and some version of SQL Server 2000 or 2005 available, you (probably) do not need to download the “Full” version.

Download IntaChange 3.1.1 Only

Just IntaChange itself, no supporting products.
The supporting products which this does not include are those listed above for the Full version.
If you already have .NET 1.1 onward and some version of SQL Server 2000 or 2005 available, you (probably) do not need to download the “Full” version.

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