New Intachange Enterprise Version 7.1 – New Features

New IntaChange Enterprise: Change Management at its Best!

Dashboards Graphical Reporting in Real Time

Dashboard Graphical reporting

Customizable to show the data you need to see.

Save popular reports for ease of access

Point and click customization

Select summary or details data

Get up to date data. 

See at any given time what the business is doing and what the trends are looking like making your business more efficient and quick to respond to issues and opportunities. 


New Percent Bar Fields

How much time remains before the change is intended to be completed

How far the change is through its workflow as a percentage of the entire process



New fields can be used in the main Browser page to give you an instant graphical representation of your data.

This enables you to see at a glance for example:

How far your change is through its workflow

How much time is remaining

Can also be used on reports and printouts for better and clearer presentation of your information

Can be used for anything else you want to show as a percentage bar

Subversion Integration –

Enables the user to select which changes are relevant to the files being edited in subversion






IntaChange Enterprise previously introduced a “File Revisions” Feature enabling you to associate multiple versions of your files with the Change records you create in IntaChange and  of course, vice versa.

New IntaChange Enterprise builds on this by enabling Subversion server-side access

IntaChange Enterprise Version enables you to add, remove and update Your Change information because it might be realized after a Subversion Commit has been performed that the Changes selected were insufficient/incorrect or you may also want to associate additional Changes with the Commit and/or remove some of the previously chosen ones.

ITIL® Out of the Box!

Main page showing the browser in tabular form and the viewer showing detailed information







Everything you need is included:The inbuilt ITIL® template is available out of the box! Saving you time, money and a huge amount of effort. Just install and go!

Suggested role definitions

Permissions already defined

Best practice business rules and processes

Email actions and events

Suggested fields for the RFC’s ITIL® recommends

All ready for you to use or customise to your unique circumstances giving you the best foundation for your own change management system you could wish for.

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office

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