Web Browser

Change and Configuration Management – Web Browser

The AllChange configuration management web browser works intuitively, with a graphical interface that enables users to focus on the most important tasks.

The Browser GUI has a look and feel similar to the Microsoft Windows client interface. It uses a "Browser" to view summary information and a "Viewer" to see the details.

  • Increase workflow and communication capability with AllChange on the web
  • Upload/download to and from web workspaces
  • Allow users to log in using their preferred names, and AllChange automatically maps the Real Name to a secure User Id
  • Create release definitions

AllChange's Web Browser

AllChange’s Web Browser
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AllChange web interface

Menu Frame
similar to the standard AllChange menu.


  • Browse, view and update Parts
  • Browse files in web workspaces
  • Check in and Check out parts or files
  • Upload and download files from the web

Parts browser
Part Browser


  • Browse and view Baselines
  • Update Baselines
  • Upload File attachments
Baseline browser
Baseline Browser


  • Run on-line queries and reports
  • Run simple on-line queries via the web browsers and viewers
  • Reports available in HTML and plain text

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