Rapid Reporting

Comprehensive reporting tools for fast access to business critical information

Compliance with auditors’ regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley or implementing IT governance frameworks such as ITIL®, requires organizations to keep detailed, accurate records.

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office

AllChange has robust reporting tools to help simplify compliance and provide fast access to accurate information. AllChange’s reports increase information visibility, so that costs can be controlled and resources focused on key business areas.

  • Produce real-time reports for auditors
  • Perform trend analysis
  • Keep historical records of all changes
  • Record details of all current changes
  • Use report wizards to simplify fast access to information
  • Output data to Microsoft Excel, Word and Project
  • Generate reports from directly within Microsoft Word
  • Create reports based on browser columns
  • Construct ad-hoc queries in plain English
  • Search using keywords
  • Filter report information by assignee, priority or any number of criteria
  • Create your own reports with drag’n’drop report design tool
  • User definable indexing

Give managers and team members critical information, when they need it.

Report wizards

Customize reports to show exactly what you want.

CR editor screen shot

Output to Microsoft Word, Excel or Project.

Output to Microsoft Word


Report Editor – insert graphic

Report Editor - insert graphic

Change Request Report

CR report screen shot

Produce detailed reports on exactly what was released in a baseline.

Report on baseline releases


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