Flexible licensing options are great value for money

Buy AllChange for named or concurrent users, with different options.

Concurrent licenses

Concurrent licensing

Concurrent or ‘floating’ licenses let you install AllChange on your entire network. A cost-effective option because you don’t have to buy named licenses for users who only use AllChange on an ad-hoc basis. Anyone with permission can use AllChange simultaneously, up to your user limit.

  • Maximise the number of users
  • Ideal for sites with a large number of infrequent users
  • Only pay for licenses you need
  • Only register users once
  • Any user can have access to AllChange, up to your maximum user limit

Named licenses

Named licences

Named licences are for specified users on a named seat basis. This option is ideal for sites where people use AllChange on a regular basis.

  • Each named user has a secure logon
  • Ideal for sites with regular users
  • Unrestricted access for each user

Named and Concurrent licenses are available in four options.

  • Full license
  • CR Only
  • Free ‘Read Only’
  • Flexi-license

FULL LICENSE: The most popular license because it provides full access to the complete change and configuration management features of AllChange, subject to whatever approval and security mechanisms you have defined.

  • Get the functionality you need at only 37% of our usual price
  • Ensure everyone in your organisation has access to the facilities they need
  • Ensure changes are recorded accurately and documentation is complete
  • Ease bureaucracy and reduce paperwork
  • No manual system with which your configuration management system has to interface
  • No disparate systems invented by discrete sections to try and untangle
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