Dreamweaver Integration Features

AllChange Dreamweaver Integration Features

AllChange/Dreamweaver integration features for rapid software development environments include:

Checking In & Out
Files manipulated by Dreamweaver can be checked directly into
and out of AllChange from within the Dreamweaver interface.
Checking files IN/Out screenshot
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Defining AllChange in Dreamweaver
AllChange is easy to set up within Dreamweaver. Simply set the
‘Remote Info’ to AllChange.
Defining AllChange in Dreamweaver screenshot
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Workflow Management

AllChange uses Change Requests, which are raised for every job
or task, allowing workflow to be efficiently controlled. Users
with the correct permissions can raise and allocate Change Requests,
ensuring that tasks are efficiently monitored.
AllChange workflow management screen shot
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Customised Reporting

Customised reporting lets all users create personalised reports
and queries.
Customised report screen shotFull Size Image


Web Interface
AllChange’s easy to navigate web interface
means that it can be run on any platform with a web browser.
This means that it is ideal for both Mac and PC users.
Web interface screen shot
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