Telelogic DOORS Integration

Telelogic DOORS Integration with AllChange

Using the integration between AllChange and DOORS©, you can capture requirements in DOORS, and control and track them in just the same way you might control any other Configuration Item.

You can use the Change Management aspects of AllChange to control updates to those requirements and maintain an automatic audit trail of who has done what and when it was done.

Version Control of DOORS modules

The interface allows DOORS modules to be kept under version control in AllChange. Modules may be checked into and out of AllChange, either directly from the DOORS interface or from AllChange itself.

A full version history is maintained of all module versions checked into AllChange and modules may be subject to AllChange change control and release management facilities.

Creating and managing Change Requests

The interface provides an automated link between requirements and Change Management for implementation of these. It allows AllChange Change Requests to be created corresponding to DOORS requirements. A full hierarchical set of Change Requests may be automatically created from a requirement with the Change Requests linked to reflect the Doors Requirement level.

The Change Requests can then be used to manage the actual implementation of each requirement and feed into project management via the AllChange interface to MS Project.


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