Integrated with many Popular Products

Seamless integrations improve efficiency and streamline processes.

Integrating AllChange with your existing systems helps to streamline IT processes and improve communications. AllChange integrates with many popular products including:

Microsoft Word and Excel: Configuration Management facilities are available directly from within Word and Excel, including document check in and check out and report generation…read more

Microsoft Project: Export data to Microsoft Project and allow progress to be monitored. See the situation as it is now, not as it was yesterday… read more

Windows Explorer: Files can be checked in and out, files compared or merged, all from within Explorer.

Microsoft Word integration

Use AllChange’s configuration management facilities directly from Word.

Export reports to Excel

Export reports to Excel and Word.

Export to Microsoft ProjectExport data directly to Microsoft Project. Explorer interface

Work with Windows Explorer

Telelogic DOORS integration
The integration lets you capture requirements in DOORS© and control and Track them in the same way you might control any other Configuration Item. Use the Change Management aspects of AllChange to control updates to those requirements and maintain an automatic audit trail…read more

Eclipse integration
Use AllChange as the Eclipse Team Provider. This allows files to be checked in and out directly from within the Eclipse environment, deletion and moving of files and team synchronisation.

Borland Delphi integration
AllChange can be fully integrated with Borland’s leading development suite through Athlant software from Devrace. Athlant enables the integration of AllChange into the Borland Delphi environment, including C++ Builder…read more

Development Environments
AllChange supports the MCSCCI, providing integration with a wide range of additional environments including: Artisan Real Time Studio, Visual Studio, Visual Basic and Visual Age for Java. AllChange also supports I-Logix Rhapsody and Mercury Interactive TestDirector.

Visual Studio interface screen shot
Visual Studio Interface

RoboHelp integration
Manage your help authoring in single and multi-user environments… read more

Araxis Merge integration
Powerful conflict resolution capabilities are provided in AllChange, through the integration with Araxis Merge… read more

Dreamweaver integration

AllChange increases your web development productivity by providing an integrated support environment for Dreamweaver, simplifying version control and helping team based development. read more

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