Using Baselines

Using AllChange – Baselines

How do I create a baseline containing only versions, no subsystems or components?

On creating the baseline select ‘Release’ as the Type and select the versions required for the parts on the Parts tab of the Add Baseline dialog

How do I create an empty baseline?

Tick the Header Only option on the Baseline Add dialog.

How do I populate my baseline from the CRs that implement the changes that I want to release?

All you need to do is use the CRs For Baseline facility on the Baseline menu. Simple select the baseline that you wish to apply the CRs to and select the function. This will provide you with a list of all the CRs which are candidates for release into the baseline, select the CRs that you wish and AllChange will work out what part versions should be applied to the baseline. It will also check that you do not include other CRs functionality unintentionally (functional creep) and ensure that you include those where this would be the case.

Note also that the out-of-the-box baseline life-cycle for baselines of class ‘release’ automatically use the CRs For Baseline function on entering the Populate status.

When I use CRs For Baseline or Populate my baseline I get an error “There are no CRs which are valid for release into the selected baseline”.

In order for a CR to be valid for release using CRs For Baseline the CR must be:

In a status which has the ‘Release’ attribute in the life-cycle definition

If there is a Target Release field for CRs then this must have a value of the baseline

Have at least one versionsolved which is within the baseline TopPart tree

All of the above criteria must be met.

If no CRs are valid then you should check the following:

Do the CRs that you wish to apply to the baseline have the correct Target Release and are they in the correct status.

Ask your administrator if your CR life-cycle has a status with the ‘Release’ attribute, if not the attribute needs to be set for a suitable status if it is to used with CRs For Baseline.

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