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How do I convert a relative part path to an absolute one?

Easy – just use “join_parts(cwp, ‘your-path’)”, as relative paths are always relative to the current working part (cwp). This will also work if ‘your-path’ is absolute as join_parts() will then just return ‘your-path’.

Remember you must save an absolute path if the cwp can change after the relative path is generated.

Sometimes prompt_partlist() returns an absolute path and sometimes a relative one. What’s going on?

If the selected part is relative to (below) the current working part then sometimes a relative path is returned, otherwise an absolute path is returned. This gives the smallest possible path. It is usual to use “join_parts(cwp, ‘part’)” to convert the result to an absolute path which can then be saved.


setvar(part, join_paths(cwp, prompt_partlist("Select Parts", cwp, false, 'Component', 'All', '', 'single'))

Can I Mail users when certain actions occur

You can use the SendMail function defined in to cause a mail message to be sent to users/groups.

Simply call the function during the status actions in a life-cycle or Command Definition actions as required

To call the SendMail function use the following syntax:

call(SendMail, list-of-to-recipients, list-of-cc-recipients, list-of-bcc-recipients, subject, text, force-mail-to-self)
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