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Process management

Effectively control and automate your process management

The key to managing process lies in ensuring that your processes are supported by the tools you use and that they can be changed to reflect changing business needs.

AllChange ensures successful process management by supporting the customization of the out-of-the-box processes and definition of new ones. Processes are defined as a sequence of states with conditions enforcing the process, and actions automating the process.

AllChange supports the integration of the different processes that are involved in change: the process for changing a configuration item, the process for controlling what changes are made and the process of releasing a set of changes. This ensures the greatest level of automation and transparency of the processes leading to efficient and effective execution of the processes defined.

Amongst the many benefits of AllChange’s process automation are:

  • Stable test and delivery areas containing the required release
  • Development areas containing known configurations
  • Change and release processes which can be enforced without imposing unacceptable overheads.

Cycle viewer
Cycle viewer

The cycle viewer gives a simple graphical view of all the stages defined in your process. It ensures that your processes cannot be bypassed and that users follow them correctly.

Cycle editor
Cycle editor

The cycle editor allows you to customize your cycles and set permissions for different
levels of user.

The process based system that does it all.

AllChange provides an active support environment throughout the lifecycle.

From design and development, through process control and change management, onto release management and quality and configuration auditing.

AllChange provides information about the make-up of your product or project and actively helps project managers and developers by:

  • Ensuring that your procedures are carried out according to your specification.
  • Tracking the progress of change.
  • Securing components of a product against unauthorized access.
  • Allowing your staff to work together but without getting in each other’s way.
  • Making the correct information available, when and where you need it.

Process based system
One example out of an infinite number of processes available from AllChange.

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