New report claims IntaChange is leading the way

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New report claims IntaChange is leading the way

A new report by Bloor Research, released this week, claims that IntaChange, the new web-based change management software from Intasoft, has stolen a march on its competitors in terms of its features, flexibility and the integration between IntaChange and Microsoft Project.

The integration with Microsoft Project is of particular note, according to Bloor: “…the product is early to market in the sense that it not only offers comprehensive functionality but is also ahead of its competition with respect to the integration offered between IntaChange and MS Project. This is likely to make IntaChange particularly attractive to existing users of Microsoft Project.”

The report also praises the flexibility of IntaChange: “The product is feature-rich (more so than most, if not all, comparable products)…Intasoft’s approach has been that the product should include all the functionality that the company expects anyone to need but, in case it has not thought of everything, it allows you to customise what it does provide.”

They conclude that: “Any-one interested in change management should take a good look at IntaChange and this goes double if you are also using Microsoft Project.”

IntaChange was released by Intasoft Ltd in March 2004. The full report is available on Intasoft’s web site at [posturl id=163]

For further information about IntaChange, contact Tony Collins, Business Development Director on

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