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June 9, 2011
AllChange for SQL!

IntaSoft has announced the immediate availability of AllChange for SQL!

AllChange for SQL! combines the flexibility and versatility of its leading Change and Configuration Management software with the power and strength of Microsoft’s database of choice, SQL Server 2008 R2. AllChange for SQL! enables an organization to identify, record and protect the items and assets vital to its success. From idea to implementation, from the generic to the specific, whether large or small, AllChange for SQL! will ensure that any change required, is made in accordance with the procedures and processes necessary to ensure compliance with not only industry standards and legal requirements but also, the very best in current business practices.

Typically, an organization will view Change and Configuration Management as an IT “thing” and spend vast sums on disparate systems for the various departments and projects throughout their organization. Trying to get management information out of the various systems becomes an impossible task soaking up resource and cash as ways are found to build integrations that often fail to achieve what is needed. Procedures are created and augmented as ways of dealing with the systems when in reality the procedures should be focused on the objectives of the organization itself.  AllChange for SQL! allows an organization to define any and all types of item it wishes, inside the repository together with the process that the item must go through from creation, to modification, to implementation and delivery. This provides a single source of authorization and control which responds to modern management needs while, at the same time, providing a flexible and non-intrusive system for everyday use.

What is unique in AllChange for SQL!? – AllChange for SQL! unlike competitors, supports all item types whether logical or physical. It not only versions these items should that be required but also enables you to define “Instances” of each version enabling, for example, manufacturers to hold and track every item they create, including every tool it was made with, the components used, every piece of hardware and software, every bit of design documentation, user or service manual, catalogue or brochure. The list of items is only limited by the level of control needed to meet the business objectives. But this is by no means all, out of the box configurations that can be easily changed by the user, on site and on demand, without the need for expensive consultancy, automated monitoring and actioning of user defined events, Proactive notification to highlight likely points of failure so that corrective action can be taken prior to a deadline or other specified date. On line reporting engine to answer questions, who changed what, when and most importantly, why? And much more!

Pricing and Availability

AllChange is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, 2008 and Windows 7 and the web interface requires IE 7 or above & Firefox 2 or above . All integrations are included as is the web interface and SQL Express. AllChange for SQL! costs £995 (GBP) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available. Maintenance support contracts are available. Details of Flexible licensing agreements including leasing arrangements together with additional information, detailed documentation, as well as evaluation copies can be found at http://www.intasoft .net

About Intasoft  

Intasoft was founded in 1986 to support the rapid growth in software development brought on by the introduction of personal computing power, the requirement for a more structured design and development approach and new management methods.

Since then we have seen the emergence of new technologies designed to speed up processes, improve communication and involve us all in a shared and common online world. Yet this very technology is isolating people from the real face to face contact that is essential in building successful business relationships. Intasoft’s success is based on providing a personal service in an ever increasing impersonal world.

We currently support some of the world’s leading companies and organizations, including Applied Integration UK Ltd, Ardagh Glass Dongen B.V., Andrew Peller Limited, Augusta Westland, Cobham Aviation Services UK, ESL Defence Ltd , Los Angeles World Airports, McQuay International, Millar Western Forest Products Ltd, NASA GSFC-Wallops Flight Facility, Northrop Grummen, OCSL Managed Services, Penny & Giles Aerospace,  Provident Financial Management Services, Sellafield Ltd, The Open University, Triumph Actuation & Control Systems, TRW Automotive, University College London.

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