IntaChange change management case studies and reviews

The most obvious and important feature of IntaChange is its flexibility…"
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Bloor Research
February 2007

Phil Sefton, Director of Client and Online Services at Charles Sturt University, explains why IntaChange was the obvious choice for their new change management programme.
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Phil Sefton

"IntaChange is a very flexible product which already possesses many of the attributes an ITIL compliant package would have…it provides a very thorough Change Management solution and the requirement for such an application is clearly based on the commercial need for one."

Andy Littlewood

"Software developers regard change requests as either cost burdens, or profit opportunities. Steve Cotterell looks at a system designed to reduce costs and maximise profitability "
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Steve Cotterell, Project Manager Today
February 2005

"Using IntaChange is remarkably easy and its running in a web browser makes it even simpler."
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Mike James, Computer Shopper
June 2004

"Intasoft is one of my favourite companies…"
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Philip Howard, IT
March 2004

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