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How to buy IntaChange Change Management Software


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FREE TRIAL – You can have a free introductory webinar demo. If you would like to further evaluate IntaChange after your free demo, you can either download the software or we can set up an evaluation database for you on our demonstration server. you can try the IntaChange before you buy IntaChange.

You will also get full phone and email technical support for the duration of the evaluation.

Request your free introductory demo here.

Most customers find that after a demo and/or evaluation, they can proceed with confidence in their purchase of IntaChange. However, if after this stage you would like to download the software for a further 30 day trial, then you may do so.


You can buy Intachange from as little as $500 per concurrent license (see below). Contact us for a quote at


IntaChange is supplied on a concurrent licensing basis. This lets you share one licence between several people enabling you to save costs and get the most out of your investment.

The number of licences you need depends on your user behaviour. If you have a lot of staff who need to use IntaChange regularly, you will need more licences. If you have staff using the software on an ad-hoc basis, you can buy less. In a typical scenario we would recommend buying 1 user licence for every 3-4 potential users.


We offer an unrivalled level of technical support and backup, available when you take out a support contract. A support contract entitles you to phone and email support, and we aim to resolve most queries within one hour (9-5.30 GMT).

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