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Change and configuration management services

A full range of services is offered from design through development to implementation and project management.

Additionally our support service provides day-to-day advice and guidance on operational and technical support issues. Increasingly the advice provided relates to planning, implementation and support for organisations at the strategic level.

Organisations in the 21st century need budget conscious solutions that do not compromise quality or functionality and do not shape or constrain their business processes.

AllChange and IntaChange have been designed right from the start to meet that need.

The best in customer service

We believe we should deliver software products that will support you in what you need to do, not entice you with the “bells and whistles” you never needed, didn’t ask for and will never use.

At Intasoft we know that to provide you with the best service, we need the best people and you will find none better than those currently working with us.

There are no salesmen to hassle you. No hard pressure sales tactics and no complicated negotiations. Just seasoned change and configuration management experts and software developers ready and willing to be of as much help and assistance as they can.We are a company with a difference! We don’t pay lip service to customer service.As such we offer the best in customer service tailoring our services precisely to your requirements.

Our ‘Quality Policy’

This Quality Policy is embraced by all members of Intasoft Ltd and forms the foundation upon which we will strive to continually improve ourselves, our products and our ability to meet our clients’ needs.





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