Change and configuration management specialists

Intasoft was founded in 1986 to support the rapid growth in software development brought on by the introduction of personal computing, the requirement for structured design and development and new management methods.  

Since then we have seen the emergence of powerful, cheaper hardware, rapid advances in development languages, sophisticated software tools and an increasing need for organizations to respond more quickly, more cost effectively and more responsibly to changing business, legal, political and environmental imperatives.

Our philosophy, in such a demanding world, is to listen to what our customers want and deliver what they have asked for as quickly, easily and as simply as possible.

Our success is founded upon our change and configuration management software, a wide range of training, support and consultancy services, the quality of our applications development and an unrivalled customer focus putting the clients needs first, not just at the point of sale but throughout the years
that follow it.

Our change and configuration management software products, are used by all types and sizes of organization to help them better manage all aspects of their business processes, control and manage change and provide the level of security, reliability and resilience needed to help them achieve their business objectives.

Our configuration management product is AllChange. A single, integrated software support tool covering all aspects of Configuration Management.  

AllChange incorporates product design and development, process control, configuration auditing, configuration build, change management, content management, document management and release management.

Our change management software product is IntaChange The first .NET web-based change management software to integrate with Microsoft Project. It is a truly innovative product that incorporates all aspects of change management, in an easy to use, flexible system.

Intasoft specialises in change and configuration management and has done so since its foundation. Our skills, technical competence and experience have resulted in our recognition as a leading developer of quality software.

If you are looking for the best in change and configuration management then you need look no further.


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